TheGlider, Magnetic Window Cleaner

TheGlider, Magnetic Window Cleaner

No more difficulty and sweat in Window Cleaning, Introducing TheGlider!

TheGlider, Double Sided Magnetic Window Cleaner FEATURES:

Uses Rare Earth Magnet

Rare Earth Magnet is one of the strongest permanent magnet . The name is quite misleading as these metals are not particularly rare or precious, they are just as abundant as tin and lead.

Rare Earth Magnet is light and has very strong magnet. You can be very sure that it will not fall off when cleaning the window. It has been tested to clean on a 20mm thick window (double glazed).

The ONLY Magnetic Window Cleaner That has Four (4) Squeege

Two (2) squeege is positioned on both side, providing excellent window cleaning quality, using cleaning and drying in a single motion.

Saving time and energy for the users, you.

Easy to Operate Instruction

1. Spray window solution on both sides of window.

2. The larger part of TheGlider place on the interior of the window, whereas the smaller part TheGlider place on the exterior of the window. The powerful magnet will now hold both small and big TheGlider together tightly.

3. You can begin cleaning the window, starting from the top of window, and by sliding left and right (horizontally) downwards.

4. If you have a very dirty window, first apply the special mircofiber to scrub off excessive dirt.
See video below to see how easy it is to use TheGlider;

Below are the statistics for TheGlider

Type of window: Single glazed, S1 (3-7 mm), Double Glazed windows, D2(8-20mm), D-3 (21-28mm)

weight: 450 gm (approx.)

Length: 23 cm

Breath: 5 cm

Height: 4.2 cm (Larger part), 2.3 cm (Smaller part)

Click here if you are looking for Single Grazed type.

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April 22, 2015

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