Testimonial from Catherine

Here’s a testimony from one of our customers! We love that you love MyGenie, and we hope many others feel the same as well!

1) my v first own robotic vacuum cleaner is the Dalmation740. It has helped me in my daily chores so much. Each day i come home, the floors are not dusty/ sandy.

2) I sent my Dalmation robotic cleaner for servicing, and I am so impressed that they allow me to trade-in my existing unit to upgrade fora better one. Brought home the unit to test it out and I am so happy with it that I ended up buying another unit. Now,in total, I hv 2 units at home running around doing the job.

The Staffs are v efficient and friendly. They will go the extra mile to help and advise.

Thank you and i will definitely recommnend my friends to get one.

– Catherine, SG

January 24, 2016

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