MySonic Portable Toothbrush

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  • MySonic Portable Toothbrush Description: MySonic Portable Toothbrush uses patented sonic wave technology to gently and
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MySonic Portable Toothbrush

Description: MySonic Portable Toothbrush uses patented sonic wave technology to gently and effectively clean around teeth, and removes 2X more plaque than a manual toothbrush. It is custom designed in Singapore to be stylish, battery powered, handy and portable. MySonic toothbrush is innovative, effective, handy and fashionable – fitting a modern lifestyle.

Model No.: MyS-01D12

Inside Box: 1 Sonic Toothbrush + 1 Extra brush head

Features: MySonic Battery Powered Sonic Toothbrush

  • Use Micro vibration sonic technology
  • Slim neck brush handle to reach the back teeth easier
  • Dupont Tynex quality bristles to reduce gum irritation
  • Wave-shaped bristles for cleaning crevices of molars and in between the teeth
  • 22,000 sonic strokes per min. is more powerful and effective than lower brush strokes
  • Helps to remove 2X more plaques than regular toothbrush.
  • Helps remove stains and whiten teeth
  • Battery powered – 1 AAA battery only (not included)Bottom of Form

If your manual toothbrush is not cleaning enough? Teeth and Gum will still have problems.

MySonic utilizes patented sonic wave technology to provide a unique micro vibration cleaning action that cleans between teeth and along the gum line gently and effectively. MySonic portable toothbrush utilizes a waved shaped bristle head on a slim neck brush handle to clean hard to reach areas in the back of the mouth easier.

MySonic Facts

  • MySonic toothbrushes have been proven safe and effective for use on caps, crowns, bridges, and fillings
  • Toothbrushes from MySonic are safe to use in the bath or shower.
  • Colour Fade bristles turn white indicating it is time to replace them. ADA and Dentist recommends that the brush head be replaced every 3 months
  • MySonic toothbrush is highly recommended by dental professionals worldwide
  • MySonic brushes massage the gum during cleaning, improving the blood circulation, effectively reducing gingivitis and gum bleeding
  • Test approval: CE, FCC. ROHS.
  • Awarded Quality Cert: ISO 9001 by SGS

Proper Brushing Technique

  1. Apply toothpaste onto the bristles. Place bristles of the brush head on your gumline at a 45 degree angle before turning the brush on.
  2. Turn on brush. Gently glide the bristles along the front and back of section of teeth, between teeth and on the molars
  3. Glide bristles to the next section after a few seconds and repeat this routine throughout the 2- 3 minute brushing time.
  4. Turn off your MySonic toothbrush when finished.

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