MyFlexiGym Revitalizer Pro Model MFG 002

MyFlexiGym Revitalizer Pro Model MFG 002

MyFlexiGym Chi Revitalizer is a heavy duty professional grade Chi exercise machine. It is capable of providing plenty of power at 40 watts and yet priced so low that you don’t have to leave your home to reap the benefits!

MyFlexiGym Chi Revitalizer offers the flexibility of a 20 speed variable control, because no clinical data indicates that there is just one appropriate speed. Start in slow with a short length of time when you are still new to the machine. Keep tabs on your results and lengthen the time and speed as you get comfortable with the machine.

You get beneficial increase in range of motion thanks to a slight arc at the ends of the movement. Since this makes you use more of your leg muscles, you get a more thorough exerciser.


How To Use:

Please see the illustration below



January 28, 2016

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