Window Mates/ Wizard

Window Mates/ Wizard

The Famous Window Mates/Wizard Now in Singapore!Window Mates: Magnetic Window Cleaner

Window Mates/Wizard Magnetic Window Cleaners is a quality and effective window cleaning tool for Singaporeans.
Great for homes or offices to clean both side of the window, it even cleans single sided mirror too.

When used as a pair together, they will WASH and DRY BOTH SIDES of a window at the SAME TIME
in one single action. Meaning you can clean in a lesser of the time with only half the effort!
Saves you lots of time and energy!

Window Mates/Wizard is able to clean those hard to reach areas especially the exterior windows, all you need
is to be is the interior of the room. Making it safe for all who use it.
It’s also great for multi-level building.

The Window Mates/Wizard Magnetic Window Cleaner’s sponge washes the window surface while the
rubber blades leave the window dry and streak free. When two Window Mates/Wizard are used on opposite
sides of a window our unique magnet system will hold them firmly in place while you clean.Window Mates Package (Internal)
We provide a string for further (additional) safety.

Besides cleaning windows, here’s what WindowMates/Wizard cleans too;

  • Mirrors, Granite Bench Tops, Tile surfaces.
  • Glass – Tables, Shower doors, Sliding doors, Display windows, Store front windows and doors.
  • Windows of motor vehicles and boat
  • Any other smooth hard non-magnetic surface.
  • Perfect for hard to reach multi-story windows with low ceilings.
  • No more dangerous stunts reaching out to clean the exterior windows.

Window Mates/Wizard Magnetic Window Cleaners does not demagnetised easily like other poor quality cleaners, and it’s simple and easy to use!

Easy to Operate InstructionWindowMates in Action

1. Spray window solution on both sides of window.

2. Secure the safety cord by attaching it to your finger. Attach Window Mates/ Wizard to
window by placing sponge to sponge, blade to blade, one half inside, one half outside of the window.

3. You can begin cleaning the window, starting from the top of window, and by sliding left and right (horizontally) downwards.

4.Finish at one of the bottom corners, using a cloth to wipe off any remaining moisture.


To order outside of Singapore, do email us admin(at)

July 11, 2012
  1. Sebastian said on July 28, 2013 6:42 am:


    how much is this window mates single glazed cost??


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