TheGlider, Single Glazed Magnetic Window Cleaner (S1)

TheGlider, Single Glazed Magnetic Window Cleaner (S1)

The Fastest Window Cleaning, Introducing TheGlider!TheGlider Picture (Red)

TheGlider, Double Sided Magnetic Window Cleaner FEATURES:

The ONLY Magnetic Window Cleaner That has Four (4) Squeege:
Scientifically Designed

TheGlider is the only window cleaner with four (4) squeegees, two on each side, which ensure perfect cleaning just like the professionals. Constructed out of ABS tough plastic, it makes this rugged product virually indestructible.

The special EPDM rubber squeegees leave your window DRY, STREAK FREE, BRIGHT AND SHINY!

Specially designed for busy people or homemakersTheGlider Cleaning On Soaped WIndow

The magnetic window cleaner was specially designed for YOUR COMFORT and EASY USING
and cleaning! TheGlider comes with a plastic separator to keep the squeegees from being
damaged while it is not in use.

It also comes with 2 piece of special mircofiber for use in case of extremely dirty windows. These can
be easily cleaned with water and soap.

Uses Neodymium Magnet (a Rare Earth Magnet)

Neodymium magnet is the strongest yet lightest permanent magnet known.

Neodymium magnet is light and has very strong magnet. You can be very sure that it will not fall off
when cleaning the window. It has been tested to clean on a 9mm thick window (single glazed).

Easy to Operate Instruction

The Glider in Blister Packing

The Glider in Blister Packing

1. Spray window solution on both sides of window.

2. The larger part of TheGlider place on the interior of the window, whereas the smaller part TheGlider
place on the exterior of the window. The powerful magnet will now hold both small and big TheGlider
together tightly.

3. You can begin cleaning the window, starting from the top of window, and by sliding left and right
(horizontally) downwards.

4. If you have a very dirty window, use the 2 piece of special mircofiber to scrub off excessive dirt.
Best use with our SafeChem glass cleaner solutions.

5. Microfiber cloth can also be used to polish and shine the glass panels (Note: It must be dry)

See video below to see how easy it is to use TheGlider;

Statistics for TheGlider

Type of window: Single  glazed windows (3-7mm thickness)

weight: 300g (Single Grazed)

Length: 23cm

Breath: 6cm

Height: 4.2cm (Larger part), 2.3cm (Smaller part)

To order outside of Singapore, do email us sales(at)

*We recommend using TheGlider with our SafeClean Solution (a product of Australia) to achieve an almost brand new look for your windows.

** The blue microfiber cloth should be attached (via the 2 white velcro) always to The Glider always during scrubbing and final polishing. The microfiber cloth cleans effectively even when it looks rather dirty as it has millions of hollow micro fibers, which can absorb more dirt. One can wash it with the laundry 300 times before it weakens its cleaning properties. No softening agent should be used with the laundry.

July 10, 2012
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    Hi Mr Chan,
    My apologises for the late response and technical error encountered. We are working with the technical team to get our add-to-cart button restored. If you like, you can purchase from another of our website, We are located at 10 Bukit Batok Crescent #10-03 The Spire. Please call us at 6896 7967 if you have any queries or to arrange for a free product demo. We hope to hear from you soon.

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    Hi Mr Chan, just to inform you that Lifestyle Shopping Centre have a Hari Raya Puasa promotion going on as well for "TheGlider".

    1 FREE bottle of SafeClean Concentrate will be given to customers for any purchase of TheGlider. It will be on till 20/7 midnight.

    If you are in Singapore & have any queries about how to use this product, you may drop by to our office at 10 Bukit Batok Crescent #10-03A The Spire for a free product demo. 🙂 Call us in advance to avoid lunch hours.

  3. Karavar Co. said on October 16, 2015 10:43 am:

    We need a large magnetic cleaner for glass thickness 20 mm double the size of a meter.
    commercial director

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