Why go ammonia-free?


Ammonia is a corrosive substance and an irritant that can cause burns of the skin, eyes, mouth, and lungs

Ammonia is a naturally occuring substance found in the environment. Mammals produce and require ammonia for the daily functioning. However, in higher doses, when exposed to it, ammonia is toxic and is harmful to your body.

How are you exposed to ammonia?

A release of substance does not always lead to exposure; you are exposed to a substance only through direct contact, e.g. breathing, eating, drinking or through skin contact.

Outdoors, you can be exposed through high levels of ammonia leaks from industrial plants and storage facilities.

Indoors, you can be exposed to ammonia when you use household cleaning products, such as window cleaners, floor waxes, and smelling salts.

What can you do to reduce exposure?

You can reduce your risk of exposure by carefully avoiding areas where ammonia is being used, e.g. avoiding farms when ammonia has been recently applied as a fertilliser, otherwise you could wear protective clothes and gear to prevent direct contact wiht ammonia.

At home, you can do your part to reduce the risk of exposure to your family by carefuly using househould products that do not contain ammonia. Be sure to carefully check labels for presence of ammonia and always ensure that your rooms are adequately ventilated when you are using them. Wear protective gear and eye protection, because exposure can cause burns and damage to your eyes or skin.

(Information is taken from ATSDR: Public health statement for ammonia.)


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February 12, 2016

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